Monday, October 24, 2011

Vote for Ibu Robin Lim - CNN Hero 2011

Vote for Indonesian midwife Robin Lim, CNN Hero 2011, to support the woman-to-woman midwifery model of care, and help build a new birthing and health center to help marginalized women. A vote for Robin Lim is a vote for Safe Motherhood and Infant Survival.

You can vote every day for ten times until the 7th of December. It's the unique opportunity for Bumi Sehat Clinic in Bali to win 250.000 US$, so to raise funds for such an important mission.

I gave birth with the help of Ibu Robin Lim in Bumi Sehat. I consider myself so lucky, I couldn't have wished for a better birth. Ibu Robin was my angel and she became my dear friend. She thought me how to trust in my own body. Her approach brings back the spirituality and the sacrality in the act of birth. She made my passage to motherhood smooth and soothed in flowers and lovely chants. My daughter was welcomed to our world in the most gentle way. I wish more and more women and their children could experience that.

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