Saturday, April 28, 2012

It was a perfect place for waiting

"On the third floor, there was a room full of windows facing the village and beautiful rice fields. It was a perfect place for waiting. Nobody was bothering us, even though the house was busy. Robin offered us fresh lemonade. It was delicious. I drank my cup and Roberto’s. I had to go to the toilet very often. Climbing steep stairs was supposed be good for me, according to Robin." (from Memoirs of a Singing Birth) — at Nyuh Kuning, Bali.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I was walking slowly...

"I was walking slowly leaning on Robin’s arm. Every few steps I would stop and bow. Robin would massage my back. It was soothing. I was laughing at my situation. I never imagined myself being in labor and taking a nice walk through a Balinese village. It was funny. I could not care less. I was breathing the air feeling free and happy."
from Memoirs of a Singing Birth

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Memoirs of a Singing Birth at Desa Seni (Bali)

Memoirs of a Singing Birth at Desa Seni (Bali) on April 19th, 7 pm. Come, we'll chat about birth storytelling, lotus birth, and how to overcome the fear of birth pain with singing.
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Not a Physician, Not a Priest

Nothing and no one can ever prove everything will be all right at childbirth - not a physician, not a priest. I made a considerable mental effort to accept that. I wished I was religious and had a god to pray to, maybe adding a beautifully arranged offering and some fragrant incense. I searched for files in my memory, and my choice landed on Mokos, goddess of the earth worshipped by the ancient Slavs. I felt she was still lending an ear to me. I simply asked her to please please please help me to accomplish my task happily.
(from Memoirs of a Singing Birth)