Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Mule Review

Memoirs of a Singing Birth, by Elena Skoko

This truly is a beautiful book for anyone with a passion for childbirth, and would make a particularly lovely gift for a pregnant woman. Elena Skoko writes with insight, wisdom and wit about her journey into motherhood, weaving into her birth story a wealth of information about birthing practices, the politics and history of childbirth, and the actual reality of her own birth experience.

Skoko - who forms a blues band, Bluebird and Skoko, with her partner - is an inspiring narrator. All women - not just pregnant ones - could benefit from borrowing a pinch of her courage and vulnerability, her thirst for knowledge and her open mind, her spirituality, her sexuality and her womanliness. In spite of being a modern Western woman, with all the fear and baggage around childbearing that this brings, Skoko chooses to reclaim birth for herself and make it's song her own.

(from Gentle Parenting, Birth and Motherhood: Three Short Book Reviews blog post by Milli Hill from The Mule.

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