Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is This All We Know About Our Reproductive System?

I bought a book about the human body in the kids' section at the book store (John Farndon, Nicky Lampon, Body, Miles Kelly, 2010). It looked the most serious one. In fact, it was: deadly serious. There is an impressive skull hologram on the cover. Over the skull, the title: BODY. Sorry, I thought it was a skeleton puppet. 

A couple of pages from the start, there is a page 14 about all the systems in our body. There is a special post-it about our reproductive system: 
"The reproductive system is the only system that can be removed without threatening life." 
What kind of information is this? What did I buy, a kids eugenics manual? Is this the most important thing we have to say about our reproductive system? Why would anyone want to remove it's own reproductive system? And by the way, the reproductive system is not "just" penis and testicles, ovaries and uterus. How would you remove a vagina? It's hollow. 

On the same page 14. It says:
"The reproductive system is the smallest of all the systems. It is basically the sexual organs that enable people to have children. It is the only system that is different in men and women."
The reproductive system is reduced to "the smallest" and "basically" enables you to have children. If you remove it, you return to the original cosmic egg.

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